Month: November 2023

New Strumbellas Album Coming Soon

The Strumbellas are back with a catchy new single. The Canadian rock band formed in 2008 and received many positive reviews for their self-titled EP released in 2009.

The band first came to our attention at RadiJohan in 2016 with “Spirits,” the first single from their third album Hope, which topped the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Since then they have been regulars on RadiJohan’s playlist.

Now a multi-platinum and an internationally renowned band The Strumbellas have announced their next album, Part Time Believer will be released in February 2024. The new album’s first single is out now.

“Hold Me” by The Strumbellas is new this week on RadiJohan.

RadiJohan Top 10 on 25 November 2023

10NewOverlandI Hear Your Voice
94wRacoon Nickel For Goodbye
89Goo Goo DollsWho’s Gonna Hear Their Wish
7NewThe SherlocksWon’t Stop
610Chris NormanTell Her She Can
53Eclipse Anthem
46The Beatles Now and Then
35Son Mieux Tonight
22Steven WilsonWhat Life Brings
11Nitrate All The Right Moves

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Meet The Castellows

They sing, they make music and they’re making a name for themselves. “The Castellows” are a country band from Southwest Georgia that consists of sisters Ellie, Powell and Lily. They love great instrumentals, three part harmonies, and singing about their home and all things country. The three sisters grew up on a cattle farm in Georgetown and, because they were home-schooled, had plenty of time to learn to play different instruments. Before officially declaring themselves a band, the sisters got their start performing at events around their hometown and in church. With their new rise to fame on social media, their music is now reaching far beyond the confines of Georgetown. What sets them apart from other female groups is their close-knit sisterly bond. “As sisters, our relationship goes beyond just being best friends.”

If you ask “The Castellows” how they accumulated 1 million Instagram followers, they’ll say they have no idea. They didn’t even plan to be a band and move to Nashville until March this year. Now they call Nashville home.

“The Castellows” are new this week on RadiJohan with Hurricane.

Who Are The Dryes?

Katelyn and Derek Dryes are a husband-and-wife duo known as “The Dryes.” Music is what brought them together. Before they became a duo they each pursued solo careers. They gained many new fans and followers since launching their career in 2018, especially when they made their USA TV debut in season 22 of “The Voice” last year.

The Duo recently released their five-track EP, “Raisin’ Beers & Hallelujahs” which includes “Take Me Out.” Featuring a hard hitting electric guitar and a catchy pop country melody, the song has been described by “The Dryes” as “a call to get out in the sticks, away from the noise, to center yourself in the dirt.”

Take Me Out by “The Dryes” is new this week on RadiJohan.

Bite The Bullet

In my search for new music for RadiJohan I’m sometimes amazed at how hard it is to find good music in keeping with, what I would consider the golden age of music from, say, 1960 – 1990. Considering how much uhm ……ah ….err ….. well honestly, utter crap gets promoted and played on radio (and TV), there is a lot of decent music that “flies under the radar” because it does not get much, if any, promotion or airplay. The music is there but finding it isn’t easy. I like to think we feature a fair amount of examples. After all, the carefully selected new music on RadiJohan does generally not reflect what’s big on the charts.

“Bite The Bullet” released their new album “Rocky Road” back in April but, even though I’m continually searching for new music, I didn’t stumble across it until recently.

Bite The Bullet formed in 1986. They released a widely acclaimed (at the time) self-titled debut album in 1989, before going into hiatus for about thirty years after their record company folded, and a tour supporting “ELO” fell through.

A few years ago the band reformed after “Rock Candy Records” re-issued the debut album. Since then they released two new albums, “Black and White” in 2021 and “End of the Line” in 2022. Whereas some speculated that the title “End of the Line” suggested a second death, we now we have a third, “Rocky Road.” The band’s music has been described as melodic rock in the genre of Mr. Mister, Toto, Foreigner and Asia, with British rock guitar overtones. The single “Rock Road” has perhaps more of a Doobie Brothers feel.

It took a while to find it, but Bite The Bullet’s single “Rock Road” is new this week on RadiJohan.

RadiJohan Top 10 on 18 November 2023

10NewChris NormanTell Her She Can
9NewGoo Goo DollsWho’s Gonna Hear Their Wish
86Anastacia & Peter MaffayJust You
74Extreme Other Side of The Rainbow
610 The BeatlesNow and Then
59Son MieuxTonight
45Racoon Nickel For Goodbye
32Eclipse Anthem
23Steven WilsonWhat Life Brings
11Nitrate All The Right Moves

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Former Smiths Member Releases “Best of” and New Single

English singer, songwriter and guitarist Johnny Marr first achieved fame in the eighties as the guitarist and co-songwriter of “The Smiths.” Since then, he has been a session musician and a member of various bands, including “The Pretenders.”

Marr released his first solo album, “The Messenger,” in 2013. His second solo album, “Playland,” came in 2014, a third, “Call the Comet,” in 2018 and the fourth, “Fever Dreams Pts 1-4,” in 2022. All four albums made the top 10 in the UK.

A few weeks ago Marr released “Spirit Power: The Best Of Johnny Marr.” The collection includes a new single he wrote while touring with “The Killers” and “Blondie.”

Somewhere” by Johnny Marr is new this week on RadiJohan.

The Sherlocks Won’t Stop

English band “The Sherlocks” have released “Won’t Stop.” The single is taken from their 2023 album “People Like Me & You” which peaked at number 4 in the UK album chart this year, making it the band’s third UK top 10 album.

“Won’t Stop” by The Sherlocks is new this week on RadiJohan.

RadiJohan Top 10 on 11 November 2023

10NewThe BeatlesNow and Then
9NewSon MieuxTonight
88Ghost HoundsMake It Shake
75Brothers OsborneNobody’s Nobody
61Anastacia & Peter Maffay Just You
57Racoon Nickel For Goodbye
42Extreme Other Side of The Rainbow
34Steven WilsonWhat Life Brings
23Eclipse Anthem
16Nitrate All The Right Moves

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Pretty Vicious, Pretty Glam

The brand new album, “Pretty Vicious”, from British rockers “The Struts” has just been released. It is the band’s fourth studio album and was preceded by the single “Too Good at Raising Hell.” The previous three albums, as well as singles like “Could Have Been Me” and “Somebody New” have had some of us wondering why oh why The Struts haven’t hit the big time yet.

The new album’s title track, “Pretty Vicious” is new this week on RadiJohan.