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Meet The Castellows

They sing, they make music and they’re making a name for themselves. “The Castellows” are a country band from Southwest Georgia that consists of sisters Ellie, Powell and Lily. They love great instrumentals, three part harmonies, and singing about their home and all things country. The three sisters grew up on a cattle farm in Georgetown and, because they were home-schooled, had plenty of time to learn to play different instruments. Before officially declaring themselves a band, the sisters got their start performing at events around their hometown and in church. With their new rise to fame on social media, their music is now reaching far beyond the confines of Georgetown. What sets them apart from other female groups is their close-knit sisterly bond. “As sisters, our relationship goes beyond just being best friends.”

If you ask “The Castellows” how they accumulated 1 million Instagram followers, they’ll say they have no idea. They didn’t even plan to be a band and move to Nashville until March this year. Now they call Nashville home.

“The Castellows” are new this week on RadiJohan with Hurricane.