Who Are The Dryes?

Katelyn and Derek Dryes are a husband-and-wife duo known as “The Dryes.” Music is what brought them together. Before they became a duo they each pursued solo careers. They gained many new fans and followers since launching their career in 2018, especially when they made their USA TV debut in season 22 of “The Voice” last year.

The Duo recently released their five-track EP, “Raisin’ Beers & Hallelujahs” which includes “Take Me Out.” Featuring a hard hitting electric guitar and a catchy pop country melody, the song has been described by “The Dryes” as “a call to get out in the sticks, away from the noise, to center yourself in the dirt.”

Take Me Out by “The Dryes” is new this week on RadiJohan.


  1. Very impressive and I m so glad to see you are crediting The Voice with some of this duo’s rise in the public eye.
    New talent that will hopefully be here for a long time to come.

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