Month: September 2022

Stop The Madness

“Hydra” is a new melodic rock band from Sweden. In August they released their debut album Point Break. Their first single, an arguably timely anti war song called Stop The Madness, is new this week on RadiJohan.

The Bacon Brothers

Michael and Kevin Bacon are the Bacon Brothers, an American Duo who have played music together since they were boys. Since 1995 they’ve been releasing music as a band. And yes, Kevin Bacon is the actor who starred in movies such as Footloose, A Few Good Men and Apollo 13. Michael, a singer-songwriter and film score composer, is Kevin’s older brother. Their latest release is the five song EP “Erato” and one of the songs, Dark Chocolate Eyes, is new this week on RadiJohan.

The Les Humphries Singers

Apparently inspired by The Edwin Hawkins Singers the English-born Les Humphries formed “The Les Humphries Singers” in Hamburg, Germany, in 1969. The group consisted of a large number of singers (at times more than twenty) of diverse ethnic origin. Members included John Lawton who would go on to be the lead singer for Uriah Heep and Liz Mitchell who would later front Boney M. The Les Humphries Singers performed a mix of  Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, and Disco. They enjoyed most of their success, including number one hits, in Europe with songs like We Are Going Down Jordan, To My Father’s House and Mama Loo. One of their best known worldwide hits is 1972’s Mexico, which was based on the 1957 Country hit “The Battle of New Orleans.”

RadiJohan Top 10 on 27 September 2022

10NewDea MatronaSo Damn Dangerous
9NewTuk Smith and The Restless HeartsBallad of a Misspent Youth
81Gilbert O’Sullivan ft KT TunstallTake Love
73ChicagoIf This is Goodbye
66James LaBrieAm I Right
59Ilse DeLange Willing
47NoiseworksHeart & Soul
35Goo Goo DollsYeah I Like You
24Cats In SpacePoke The Witch
12Generation RadioAngels

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Smooth Suede

English alternative rock band “Suede” were formed in London in 1989. They’ve recently released their ninth studio album Autofiction. The album has entered the UK album chart this week at number 2 making it the band’s ninth top 10 album. Autofiction’s first single, She Still Leads Me On, is new this week on RadiJohan.

I Love Rock and Roll

Joan Marie Larkin was born on the 22nd of September 1958. We know her better as Joan Jett. Joan joined the music scene at age 16 as the guitarist for the all-girl punk band “The Runaways” before going on to form “Joan Jett & the Blackhearts” in 1979. Their debut album was turned down by the first 23 record labels it was offered to, despite containing the future hit I Love Rock and Roll which went to the top of the charts in numerous countries in 1982.

Have I The Right

The Honeycombs were an English pop group formed in 1963. The band featured Honey Lantree on drums. The band’s name was a pun on the drummer’s name and her job as a hairdresser’s assistant. Although in the press the band tried hard to play down the fact that she was female she became the star attraction of the band as she was one of very few female drummers at the time. Have I The Right was The Honeycombs’ first and biggest single. The prominence of the drums in the song was enhanced by having the members of the group stamp their feet on the wooden stairs to the studio. The song reached the top 10 in many countries and went to number one in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Sweden.

RadiJohan Top 10 on 20 September 2022

105The Clarisse SistersGravity
9NewIlse DeLangeWilling
84EchosmithHang Around
79NoiseworksHeart & Soul
62James LaBrieAm I Right
57Goo Goo DollsYeah I Like You
410Cats In SpacePoke The Witch
33ChicagoIf This is Goodbye
26Generation RadioAngels
11Gilbert O’Sullivan ft KT TunstallTake Love

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Robbie Returns

Robbie Williams has released a brand new single. Lost is new this week on RadiJohan and can be found on his new greatest hits album XXV . The album, on which Robbie is accompanied by the “Dutch Metropole Orchestra,” contains re-recordings of some of his favourite and most iconic songs.

New Collective Soul

American rock band “Collective Soul” were formed in 1992 and have enjoyed some success around the world but more so in the USA where they’ve scored seven number one hits on the Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock charts. The band have recently released their 11th studio album Vibrating. Their new single, All Our Pieces, all about relationships being out of synch, is new this week on RadiJohan.