Month: August 2023

Heading For The Highlands

Sydney-based three piece Middle Kids are a band from Sydney, Australia who first gained attention in 2017 with their debut single, “Edge Of Town.” Since forming in 2016, the band have released two EPs and two albums. The albums, “Lost Friends” (2018) and “Today We’re The Greatest” (2021) both made the Australian Top 10. Thanks to the success of those albums, the band have been able to tour as support act for the likes of “Bloc Party,” “Kings of Leon,” “The War on Drugs” and “Cold War Kids.”

Middle Kids singer Hannah Joy, commenting on their new single “Highlands,” stated:

Since I was young, I’ve had this yearning to be free. In this song, I used an image of the ‘highlands’ as a euphoric place where I have the space to be me, and you have the space to be you.”

“Highlands” by Middle Kids is new this week on RadiJohan.

Sweden Just Keeps on Rocking!

Rian is a melodic hard rock band from Sweden who play classic melodic rock music reminiscent of the second half of the eighties. Rian’s sound appears influenced by bands like Bon Jovi, Winger, Dokken, Europe, Queensryche, and Survivor but has a distinctive and contemporary flair that sets them apart.

Rian released their first album “Out of The Darkness” in 2017 independent of a record company and received favorable reviews, especially in Europe. A second album, “Twenty-Three”, which really put them on the Melodic Rock map, followed in 2021 after signing with “Frontiers Music.”

Rian’s newest album “Wings” has just been released and appears to pick up where its predecessor, “Twenty-Three” left off,  with lots of groove, grand guitar riffs, infectious refrains, superb vocal arrangements, and slick guitar solos.

The album’s opening track and first single, “Carry My Wings,” is new this week on RadiJohan.

RadiJohan Top 10 on 26 August 2023

10NewNoel Gallagher’s High Flying BirdsOpen The Door See What You Find
9NewDan + ShaySave Me The Trouble
8NewGatling GunDangerous Life
77The Teskey BrothersRemember The Time
63Robert Jon & The WreckWest Coast Eyes
49Suzi Quatro & KT TunstallShine a Light
34RouletteSummer Day
25Goo Goo DollsRun All Night
11The Defiants19 Summertime

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Delta Goodrem Returns With Anthemic New Single

Two years on from the release of her most recent album, “Bridge Over Troubled Dreams,” Delta Goodrem has returned with a catchy, uplifting new single called “Back To Your Heart.” The acclaimed singer, songwriter and actress has scored five number one albums and nine number one singles in her native Australia. The new song is about letting go of the worries and fears that are in your head.

Delta Goodrem’s “Back to your Heart” is new this week on RadiJohan.

People Like You & Me Remember All The Girls

English band “The Sherlocks” formed in 2010 and  initially got together for jam sessions in each others garages before going on to play at local working men’s clubs. They released their Debut single “Live For The Moment” in 2014, and their debut album of the same name in 2017. They first came to our attention at RadiJohan in 2019 with their single “Sing It Loud (NYC).”

Their eagerly-awaited new album, “People Like You & Me,” has just been released. Their latest single, “Remember All The Girls,” the album’s opening track, was inspired by the band members’ teenage years.

Speaking about the new single, frontman Kiaran Crook said, “Everybody seems to judge each other at that age. It’s only when you get older you realise ‘why did I care so much?’”

“Remember All The Girls” by The Sherlocks is new this week on RadiJohan.

The Ricks Just Keep On Rolling

 Australian-American singer, songwriter and actor Rick Springfield celebrates his 74th birthday today. His 1981 break-through album “Working Class Dog” gave him the hit single “Jessie’s Girl” which went to number 1 in his native Australia and the USA. He also won the Grammy Award for “Best Male Rock Vocal Performance” that year. He had further success with a number of follow-up albums throughout the eighties particularly in the United States, and hit singles including “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” “Affair of the Heart,” “Human Touch” and”Love Somebody.” He has continued releasing new music on a regular basis through the years.

Springfield has just released his latest studio album, “Automatic” which contains 20 new songs. It has been described by Rick as stylistically fitting somewhere between his albums “Working Class Dog” and “Tao”. “Automatic” sees a return to his first love of guitar-based power pop with keyboards, while lyrically featuring his favored subjects of love, sex and death. “Automatic” was written and produced by Springfield himself and he plays all guitars and keyboards on the album.

“She Walks With The Angels” is one of the first singles to be released and is new this week on RadiJohan.

RadiJohan Top 10 on 19 August 2023

107Jason AldeanTry That in a Small Town
9NewSuzi Quatro & KT TunstallShine a Light
83The Smashing PumpkinsSpellbinding
75The Teskey BrothersRemember The Time
64Nothing But ThievesOvercome
510Goo Goo DollsRun All Night
48RouletteSummer Day
36Robert Jon & The WreckWest Coast Eyes
11The Defiants19 Summertime

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Phil Lynott Immortalized

This week in 2005 a life-size bronze statue of Phil Lynott, designed by Irish sculptor Paul Daly, was unveiled on Harry Street in Dublin. The ceremony was attended by his former “Thin Lizzy” band members Gary Moore, Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham. Lynott had a string of hits with “Thin Lizzy,” including “Whiskey in the Jar”, “The Boys are Back in Town” and “Jailbreak.”

In the 1980’s Lynott increasingly suffered drug-related problems, due particularly to a heroin addiction. In 1985 he had a final chart success in collaboration with Gary Moore. ” Out in the Fields” reached number 3 on the Irish singles chart, number 2 in Norway and Sweden, and number 5 in the UK.

Phil Lynott died of pneumonia and heart failure due to septicemia at the age of 36.

RadiJohan Top 10 on 12 August 2023

10NewGoo Goo DollsRun All Night
9NewSteve LukatherAll Forevers Must End
8NewRouletteSummer Day
71Jason AldeanTry That in a Small Town
66Robert Jon & The WreckWest Coast Eyes
55The Teskey BrothersRemember The Time
44Nothing But ThievesOvercome
37The Smashing PumpkinsSpellbinding
13The Defiants19 Summertime

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New and Smooth From Slowhand

Eric Clapton has released a new single called “How Could We Know” featuring Judith Hill, Simon Climie and Daniel Santiago. The new release comes ahead of Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads Guitar Festival,” which is to be held in Los Angeles this September.

Simon Climie, who is the co-songwriter and a vocalist on the track, said, “I couldn’t dream of a more incredible line up for ‘How Could We Know’ than Eric Clapton, Judith Hill and Daniel Santiago.” The song is one side of the recently released double A-side 7-inch vinyl which also features “Moon River,” Clapton’s previously released collaboration with the late Jeff Beck. Simon and Judith provide the song’s vocals while Eric and Daniel play the acoustic guitars.

“How Could We Know” by Eric Clapton featuring Simon Climie, Judith Hill & Daniel Santiago is new this week on RadiJohan.