People Like You & Me Remember All The Girls

English band “The Sherlocks” formed in 2010 and  initially got together for jam sessions in each others garages before going on to play at local working men’s clubs. They released their Debut single “Live For The Moment” in 2014, and their debut album of the same name in 2017. They first came to our attention at RadiJohan in 2019 with their single “Sing It Loud (NYC).”

Their eagerly-awaited new album, “People Like You & Me,” has just been released. Their latest single, “Remember All The Girls,” the album’s opening track, was inspired by the band members’ teenage years.

Speaking about the new single, frontman Kiaran Crook said, “Everybody seems to judge each other at that age. It’s only when you get older you realise ‘why did I care so much?’”

“Remember All The Girls” by The Sherlocks is new this week on RadiJohan.

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