Month: December 2023

Longing For Massachusetts

On December 28th, 1967, the “Bee Gees” topped the German singles chart with their song “Massachusetts.” The track had previously reached number 1 in the UK in October and marked the first of the group’s five UK number 1 hits. Notably, “Massachusetts” also served as the first single on which Robin Gibb sang the lead vocals.

In this poignant song, the singer expresses a longing to return to Massachusetts, a state located in the northeastern United States. Interestingly, the Bee Gees had never actually been to Massachusetts when they recorded the song; they were simply captivated by the sound of its name. Unfortunately, the memories associated with this time became bittersweet for Robin Gibb. On November 5th, while “Massachusetts” still held the number 1 spot, he was involved in a train crash that claimed the lives of 49 people, marking one of Britain’s most devastating rail disasters.

“Massachusetts” also reached the number 1 spot in numerous other countries. Notably, the Bee Gees became the first non-Japanese act to top the Japanese singles chart when “Massachusetts” spent a week at number one in April 1968.

Remembering Stevie Wright

On the 27th of December 2015 Stevie Wright died, aged 68, after lengthy battles with drugs and alcohol and years of poor health. From 1964 to 1969 he was the lead singer of Sydney-based band “The Easybeats,” who had a world-wide hit in 1966 with ‘Friday on My Mind’. The Easybeats were widely regarded as the greatest Australian pop band of the 1960s.

A Reunion, Resilience, and Classic Blink Energy

Blink-182’s ninth studio album, “One More Time,” marks the return of guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, who had previously departed from the band in 2015. The catalyst for DeLonge’s reunion was bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus’ cancer diagnosis in 2021. The band managed to resolve past disagreements and reconcile their differences, ultimately leading to DeLonge’s return. Fortunately, Hoppus successfully overcame cancer and was declared cancer-free.

In September, Blink-182 shared two songs from their new album, namely “More Than You Know” and “One More Time…,” with the latter featuring on RadiJohan. Originating from California, Blink-182 is an American rock band that was formed in 1992. They achieved significant international success with their notable albums, “Enema of the State” (1999) and “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” (2001). Hit singles like “All the Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again?” became fan favorites and received extensive airplay on MTV.

 In the video for their latest single “Dance With Me,” the three Blink members dress up like the legendary “Ramones” with black wigs, leather jackets, the whole deal. Both song and video are classic Blink!

Blink-182’s Dance With Me is new this week on RadiJohan.

Hugo’s Voyage: Blending Nostalgia With a Contemporary Edge

“Hugo’s Voyage” is a dynamic rock band that originated from New York and Boston. Initially formed in 2005 as a tribute band for the legendary group “Journey,” they have gained significant success and a devoted fan base. Recently, “Hugo’s Voyage” embarked on their own musical journey, releasing their debut album titled “Inception” last month.

“Inception” showcases a mix of rockers and ballads, with their first single, “Don’t Want To Live Without Your Love,” which recently featured on RadiJohan, evoking memories of Journey’s classic hit “Don’t Stop Believing.” However, it is important to note that “Inception” is not merely a replication of Journey’s sound. The band has infused their music with a fresh contemporary edge while maintaining a timeless quality, bridging generations and demonstrating that great rock music transcends time.

One of the album’s ballads, “A Friend Like You,” is a heartfelt track that adds to the diverse range of songs on “Inception” and further showcases the band’s musical prowess. It is new this week on RadiJohan.

RadiJohan Top 10 on 23 December 2023

10NewThe StrumbellasHold Me
9NewFoghatShe’s a Little Bit of Everything
86Son Mieux Tonight
77At 1980 Back To Me
63Overland I Hear Your Voice
55Bite The BulletRock Road
48Games We Play Too Young
34 The DryesTake Me Out
22The Castellows Hurricane
11 Jason Aldean Let Your Boys Be Country

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RadiJohan Top 10 on 16 December 2023

104The Beatles Now and Then
92NitrateAll The Right Moves
8NewGames We Play Too Young
79At 1980 Back To Me
61Son MieuxTonight
58Bite The BulletRock Road
410The Dryes Take Me Out
35 OverlandI Hear Your Voice
27The Castellows Hurricane
13 Jason Aldean Let Your Boys Be Country

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When you need to go…..

On 16 December 1971  Don McLean’s 8:32 version of American Pie was released. According to McLean the song was originally inspired by the death of “Buddy Holly,” who died in a plane crash together with “Ritchie Valens” and “The Big Bopper” on the 3rd of February 1959. That day became known as “the day the music died.”

American Pie was one of the longest songs to ever hit the charts. It became a favorite among disc jockeys because there were few songs long enough at that time for certain toilet breaks. American Pie went on to top the charts in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

It Buggled The Mind

On 15 December 1979 “The Buggles” song Video Killed The Radio Star, which had hit number 1 in the UK in September, reached its American chart peak at number 40. On the 1st of August 1981 the song’s music video became the first to be played on “MTV” music television. Staff at USA Record stores in areas with high cable penetration were baffled when numbers of people suddenly showed up looking for the song.

How …… About That!

Twenty-eight years ago, on the 15th of December 1995, it was released. It won the award for “Single of the Year” at the 1996 New Zealand Music Awards. In 2002, it was named as the 71st-greatest one-hit wonder of all time on a VH1 countdown hosted by William Shatner (better known as Captain James T. Kirk). It topped the singles charts in New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Canada and Ireland. It became the anthem of the English 1997 FA Women’s Cup Final-winning Millwall Lionesses soccer team.

“How Bizarre” by “OMC” (Otara Millionaires Club) became one of the most successful New Zealand songs ever recorded.