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Bite The Bullet

In my search for new music for RadiJohan I’m sometimes amazed at how hard it is to find good music in keeping with, what I would consider the golden age of music from, say, 1960 – 1990. Considering how much uhm ……ah ….err ….. well honestly, utter crap gets promoted and played on radio (and TV), there is a lot of decent music that “flies under the radar” because it does not get much, if any, promotion or airplay. The music is there but finding it isn’t easy. I like to think we feature a fair amount of examples. After all, the carefully selected new music on RadiJohan does generally not reflect what’s big on the charts.

“Bite The Bullet” released their new album “Rocky Road” back in April but, even though I’m continually searching for new music, I didn’t stumble across it until recently.

Bite The Bullet formed in 1986. They released a widely acclaimed (at the time) self-titled debut album in 1989, before going into hiatus for about thirty years after their record company folded, and a tour supporting “ELO” fell through.

A few years ago the band reformed after “Rock Candy Records” re-issued the debut album. Since then they released two new albums, “Black and White” in 2021 and “End of the Line” in 2022. Whereas some speculated that the title “End of the Line” suggested a second death, we now we have a third, “Rocky Road.” The band’s music has been described as melodic rock in the genre of Mr. Mister, Toto, Foreigner and Asia, with British rock guitar overtones. The single “Rock Road” has perhaps more of a Doobie Brothers feel.

It took a while to find it, but Bite The Bullet’s single “Rock Road” is new this week on RadiJohan.