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Swedish Rockers Roulette Return With Feel Good Summer Anthem!

Formed in 1985 in Sundsvall, Swedish rock band “Roulette” quickly gained popularity in their hometown. With a handful of hits on local radio stations and performances at pubs and festivals across Sweden, the band enjoyed success in their early years. However, a lack of promotional support resulted in a bumpy ride, ultimately leading to a hiatus.

In 2008, Roulette released a “best of” album titled “Better Late Than Never.” More than a decade later the band made a triumphant return with their album “Now!” which received positive reviews.

Earlier this year, Roulette Rocked RadiJohan with “Ready For Friday Night,” reaching the top spot on the RadiJohan Top 10 in February.

Now, in the midst of a scorching European summer, Roulette have unveiled their latest creation, “Summer Day.” This brand-new anthem celebrates the warmth and carefree attitude that accompanies the season and is bound to leave a lasting impression as it hits the “airwaves,” bringing a much needed dose of summer spirit to fans across the globe.

“Summer Day” by Roulette is new this week on RadiJohan.

Roulette spins the Wheel of Fortune once more

Swedish rock band “Roulette” formed in 1985 in “Sundsvall” and quickly became one of the most popular bands in their hometown. They had a couple of hits on local radio stations and played in pubs and festivals around Sweden. A bumpy ride followed their Swedish breakthrough and it appears a lack of promotional support ultimately lead to a hiatus.”

In 2008 Roulette released a “best of” album called Better Late Than Never before returning in 2019 with new material on the album Now! which received many great reviews. Recently the band headlined “Scandirock Melodic” in Gothenburg, and played at “Sabaton Open Air” receiving a 9/10 review for their live performance.

Roulette’s latest single Ready For Friday Night, an up-tempo rocker, is new this week on RadiJohan.