The Dutch are Direct and DI-RECT are Dutch

DI-RECT are a rock band from The Hague (Den Haag) in the Netherlands. Formed by four teenagers in 1999 they have been particularly successful in their home country with all of their studio albums, except their first, making the top 10 on the Dutch album chart. Two of these, “All Systems Go” (2005) and “Daydreams in a Blackout” (2014) topped the chart. Many of their singles have also charted, with “She” (2003) and “A Good Thing” (2007), hitting number 2. However, the Top spot has thus far eluded the band.

In 2009 DI-RECT survived what is often the death knell for a band, a change of lead singer. Tim Akkerman left the band and the remaining band members searched for a new frontman in a nationally televised contest, “Wie is Di-rect” (Who is Di-rect). After eight episodes current lead singer Marcel Veenendaal was chosen to replace Tim.

DI-RECT’s latest single has just been released. “My Blood” is new this week on RadiJohan.

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