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Jelly Rolling Through The Genres

“Jason DeFord” grew up in Nashville Tennessee and, under the name “Jelly Roll” has been making music for many years now. He started out in hip hop, went into rock, and more recently strayed into country music. Jelly Roll was the name his mother gave him when he was a young, “chubby kid” and it stuck. He considers himself a songwriter as well as a singer which is his reason for not sticking to one genre of music. He has a somewhat sordid past that includes incarceration. He has however managed to turn his life around and is now using his music to help others who struggle. Jelly Roll’s new single She is about the struggle of addiction.

“‘she’ is about talking about the elephant in the room and addressing head-on the heroin and fentanyl epidemic that is sweeping the nation; the pharmaceutical pill problem that is sweeping the nation and has been for a long time. And I feel like it’s an artist’s responsibility to speak for those who sometimes can’t always speak for themselves.

Jelly Roll’s She is new this week on RadiJohan.