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Cats Head 1,000,000 Miles into Deep Space

British Rockers “Cats In Space” have released the third single from album of the year contender Kick Start The Sun. The Special duet version of 1,000,000 Miles, which features Julie Maguire from UK band “Space Elevator,” was voted “single of the week by readers of “Classic Rock Magazine” and is new this week on RadiJohan.

Cats in Space

British Rock band “Cats in Space” formed in 2015. They are described as an original classic rock band that will transport you back to the days of 70s Classic Rock (Think loud guitars, walls of soaring multi tracked vocal harmonies, grandiose pianos, and huge singable choruses). Until recently Cats In Space had released five studio albums (including a Christmas collection), a live album and a best-of collection. Album number six, Kickstart The Sun, has now been released and the first single, Poke The Witch, is new this week on RadiJohan.