A Bridge Between Solo and Toto

With a career spanning decades and a list of contributions to over 1500 albums, Steve Lukather is a renowned figure in the global rock world. As a founding member and guitarist of the iconic band “Toto,” Lukather has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Lukather has recently released his ninth solo album, aptly titled “Bridges,” which serves as a bridge between his solo work and Toto’s music. With the album featuring appearances and contributions from both past and present members of Toto, and Lukather recently proclaiming Toto “will never record another studio album”, this may be as close to the real thing as it gets. 

One standout track from “Bridges” is the emotionally charged “All Forevers Must End.” Reminiscent of Lukather’s iconic ballads with Toto, this breakup song showcases his immense talent and ability to evoke deep emotions. With its relatable lyrics and Toto-esque melody, “All Forevers Must End” could easily find a place among Toto’s greatest hits.

“All Forevers Must End” by Steve Lukather is new this week on RadiJohan.

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